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Agriculture project






Currently working on a high voltage project involving xenon flash tubes. I am working towards a circuit that will use series triggering to ionise the xenon gas and a capacitor bank to dump the energy for the flash.



The robot "Tanky" was featured on Hackaday (the prototype version)!Thanks to Mike for the article.

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Object recognition while mapping for an autonomous robot vehicle [ Tanky ]


Project Introduction •  Robot Software •  Robot Hardware  •  Videos  •  Project Poster

  image075 top view2

Final robot version. New polycarbonate track pieces (Lexan), the RGB-D sensor and PVC supporting pipes for the laptop.



A 2D and 3D view of a scene. The view on the right shows how the robot extracts the planar components and recognisies a spherical object from the 3D pointcloud.


Map derived from pointcloud data only. Red squares are possible object locations. The two squares that appear in the outside the map are possible locations but not accessible by the robot (e.g. an object on a library bookshelf)



Path planning with selective obstacle inflation 




High power laser project [35W 808nm Laser diode]

 Project page!









Student Autonomous Undewater Challenge - Europe

Project information


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Integrated Home Automation System [Documents]

Actual thesis (general info on how everything works)

Appendices(Measurements + schematic + layout)

Code (later)





 DIY power supply! CLICK HERE





A bit of site junk removal.

Working on an autonomous tank robot at the moment.

His name is tanky. :-)


More info of how i made the tracks, gears, etc soon.






New stuff!

Soon I'll be uploading a complete guide on how I've built a home automation system. 

*Added more articles under Home Automation





At the moment im working towards my final year project which is a Home Automation device.

The purpose is to have a main panel to control the house devices and read sensors wirelessly.