Egg collecting robot

The Egg collecting robot was built in a very short period of time in 2006 and its aim was to be a completely autonomous collector and distributor of black and white eggs. It was built to compete in a competition organised by the University of Cyprus. The only limitation was that the robot base size had to be below 30x30 cm but with unlimited height. The robot could expand its size during normal operation. The competition was running for the first year and it was lacking organisation as well as a solid rule set. In the end the robot finished 3rd and also won the "most original design" award.


The robot moves 20cm forward and sweeps all the eggs located in its arm range. Then a vertical chain conveyor/lift takes the eggs up into a "basket". The eggs fall one by one on a colour recognition platform that sorts the eggs by their colour.

Black eggs are sent to the opponents nest while the white ones are taken to our robots nest.


Egg collecting robot competition images