Radio control system game

The R/C control system is a game that allows multiple users to control radio controlled cars, using real steering wheels instead of the traditional radio transmitters. This whole platform was custom built to allow timed "rounds" and to regulate the gameplay.


Principle of operation

The user's steering wheel and direction lever are attached to potentiometers that in turn transfer the user input to the main panel. Each channel has its own microcontroller board that controls wether or not the user is allowed to play. If the user places a special token the analog signals from the controls are transfered to the transmitter within the control panel. The signals are routed using analogue multiplexer ICs which operate in a similar way as relays but without the nasty switching. At full capacity the current system can support up to 8 users playing simultaneously. The system is custom and all the electronics were built by me.



kids playing





The steering wheels from an additional angle. 


steering wheels


Below is the central control panel that monitors each channel/driver. The LCDs display battery, round and debug information.



panel close

panel ON