Student Autonomous Underwater Competition-Europe

SAUC-E is a European competition where teams have to design and build an autonomous robot submarine to complete a number of tasks. The task of building an AUV is far more complicated than any terrestrial robot project due to the water messing up everything.

Having a medium such a water leads to;

  • Leaks (obviously)
  • Distorted camera colors
  • Limited wireless communication with the user to relay data. Below 1 meter most RF are absorbed.
  • Needs expensive: sonar to scan the surroundings, gyro-super-compass module, depth sensor and connectors for components ouside the robot
  • Odometry sucks and is proportional to the sonar and compass sample quality


Video coverage of the competition on BBC website. Our team shown for a few seconds at 20s through the video.

UWE project website

DSTL website


Submarine Competition Images

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IMG 0134-resized